A Marriage Worth the Earning: Volume 2, For Better for Worse: A Pride and Prejudice Sequel

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It takes place over the course of an entire year, so it is not a Christmas movie in the traditional sense. More of a Rom-Com with Christmas at its beginning and end. But there is something delightfully Christmas-y about the entire thing. The book is based roughly on Pride and Prejudice , so the fact that they got Colin Firth the definitive Mr. Darcy to play Mark Darcy is fabulous. Especially because we get to see him like this:. This is a very goofy film, and Bridget is no match for Lizzy Bennet. Still, she is endearing and real, and that is always reassuring around Christmas time, when your pants are a little tighter and all of the food is so inviting.

The two main characters, played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, are desperately unhappy with their lives.


Cameron Diaz is a workaholic who acts like her parents getting divorced is the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being. On the other hand, I watch it at least three times a year. There must be something I like about it. Kate Winslet is adorable, and Jude Law is fabulous in it. I love Jack Black, but I know he is a very polarizing actor, so some may hate him. If they had made her intensely neurotic or something, I would have been more capable of accepting it. How did I make it through my childhood with so little exposure to Muppets?

I watched a lot of Sesame Street, but never made the jump to the Muppets.

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Possibly something to do with the absence of Oscar the Grouch from the Muppet gang. I dunno. Also, it makes me happy to think of it because I once had a conversation with my boyfriend about A Christmas Carol and the ghost of Marley.

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My boyfriend claimed there were two Marleys. Brilliant bit of casting. Let me know which ones you recommend! Leave a comment.

Posted in Lists , Movie Review. My monetary situation continues to not be conducive to buying new movies or books. Part one will cover Books, Movies, and my favorite places in the British Isles. First off, books! To pick only 5 is like picking one meal to eat every night for the rest of your life.

A Marriage Worth the Earning: For Better for Worse: 2 by Mary Sherwood

But, nevertheless, here are my favorites! Of course this is number one. This list is only my top five, and it would be pretty boring if all five were HP books, as they most assuredly would be. The bottom line is these are my desert island books, the only books I would truly need to be fulfilled for the rest of my life, if, god forbid, it came to that sort of choice. These books absolutely and tangibly changed my life—cured my depression, inspired me to go back and finish my degree, inspired me to read again, to write again, to enjoy and love my time on earth.

When I am sad or weary, I pull out these books and, like some sort of black market European antidepressants, they make things better. Not only do I own the original 7 novels in their American versions, but also several foreign editions as well.

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  8. These books are largely responsible for my love of British culture, and you could draw a pretty direct line from my first experience reading HP books to me creating this blog. They are the end all be all of my reading life. See my earlier entry for why this is such a lovely book. I laughed so hard and so loud that I made an idiot of myself. For those reading this who are unfamiliar with the story, Arthur Dent is whisked off Earth minutes before its irrevocable destruction by his best friend, Ford Prefect, who reveals himself to be an alien. What it is, in my opinion, is just funny and silly and wonderfully imaginative.

    The wordplay alone is enough to furnish me with great quotes for the rest of my life.

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    In the beginning, the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. Space is big. There is something very British in my American mind at least about this love of and playfulness with words and phrases. Compare it, for a second, to something by Hemingway, whose prose has never even bordered on playful at least, in my experience.

    Of his 37 plays, I have read 20, so far. I think Hamlet may have been the first one I read, back in middle school. It has always been my favorite. Some people think that Hamlet is indecisive and incapable of action. He feels trapped by circumstances and he talks his way through his feelings. And he talks so beautifully. I think it is an absolute masterpiece, and encourage everyone to read it.

    At least invest the time in the Kenneth Branagh version, or at the very least the new David Tennant. Please do not confuse this with that civil war miniseries with Patrick Swayze. Though Elizabeth Gaskell is not that well known in America, she is considered just as popular as Jane Austen in England. This is the story of a family who is forced to uproot from their life in the South i. London and the counties surrounding it, which were agricultural, were old money, and were considered the most civilized to the industrialized North full of factories, the working class, unions, and pollution.

    The book has the same plot as an Austen novel, and does have a truly scrumptious male love interest, but all of that is against an entirely different background.

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    Gaskell weaves in poverty, unions, strikes, factory conditions, changing social norms, religious disparities, etc. I also highly recommend the miniseries with Richard Armitage as Mr. These are mostly mainstream films that were also very successful in the US. My love for the Beatles from an early age meant that, at the age of 9 or 10, I dragged my father to the video store every weekend to rent the same two movies: this one, and Help!. It features great music, cute British boys, and lots of genuinely funny bits. I am listing these two together because, recently, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg revealed that they will be making a third in what they are calling the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy.

    Shaun of the Dead can be described as a romantic comedy with zombies, while Hot Fuzz is a buddy cop action comedy. These movies are both hilarious, have cemented my eternal love for Simon Pegg, and spoof other genres so well that they manage to be both great parodies and great examples of the genres they are spoofing. This movie is just…unique. But seriously, Guy Ritchie made this movie and it was like nothing I had ever seen before.

    A Marriage Worth the Earning: For Better for Worse: 2

    It also provides one with endless quotes. This movie contains both my least favorite moment in perhaps any movie Brick Top—aka the foulest man on earth—talking about feeding corpses to his pigs and one of my favorites Tyrone backs into a van and claims it was at a funny angle. Whenever you reverse, things come from behind you. I was sobbing for days. How could I not love this movie?

    Darcy playing a man named Mr. Darcy, and features an imperfect heroine who Darcy loves anyway. But she does have a sort of wonderful, vivacious, goofy energy that is a good contrast to stuffy, conservative, Mark Darcy. Now, on to my favorite Places to visit during a trip to the UK. Let me preface this by saying I have, by no means, seen the majority of the UK. These are just the 5 favorite places I visited during my time there.

    I did go to the theatre there almost every week, and it is among the most beautiful of all the places I spent time in Europe. I went to Edinburgh and was blown away by how beautiful this part of town was. The castle sits at the top of a huge cliff and the gardens sit at its base. The history of the place goes back thousands of years, you can see the entire town from the top of the cliff, and everywhere you go in the area, you have at least some chance of running into J.

    Talk about history, beauty, the whole thing. Wandering around the same halls and rooms as so many of the important figures in political and literary history 26 prime ministers, 12 saints, kings, queens, Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, Joseph Heller, Aldous Huxley, C. I could go on. Plus Rowan Atkinson. I think I could spend the rest of my life inside the Radcliffe Camera reading room. A place famous with Roman settlers for its healing waters, home to Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, and Rupert Giles, and set in a really beautiful part of a really beautiful country.

    There are tons of Regency-era museums and houses open for viewing, plus the Jane Austen house, the original Roman baths, and a kickass chocolate shop across from the Cathedral. I lived approximately 1 mile from Hampstead, and ran on the heath most mornings during my time in London. As such, I have a lot of affection for the place. You are commenting using your Google account.

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