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You learn about one character at a time, and when that character is revisited, you acquire more pieces to the puzzle of their lives and family. For a good part of the book, i found myself having to go back and re-read what i knew of each character up to that point, and i admit i had a difficult time keeping track of whose mother did what, and This book was captivating from the start, and ended like a fireworks finale.

For a good part of the book, i found myself having to go back and re-read what i knew of each character up to that point, and i admit i had a difficult time keeping track of whose mother did what, and who knew them or someone they knew up to that point. It got a little complicated for a while The fact that the author had the imagination and skill to balance all of these little interwoven stories, fascinated me.

I find myself having moments where i'll be thinking of the story and another revelation dawns on me; like "oh my god, that was from when she was a kid! Several touchy taboo subjects were broached; which, if they were in the description, i might not have read the book.

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But they were handled so well that you couldn't help but relate to each character as if you were feeling what they felt, struggling with the same passion and turmoil that they were. And when shocking facts started arising, i doubt anyone can help but saying "Oh.

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When Clo is on her knees sobbing, leading into one of the most emotional sex scenes, i just had chills. And in another scene, the author even made a full out fist fight seem hot and passionate. She gets another 6 for the amazing plot. There were either no typos, or i was too into the story to notice. And finally, the ending gets a surprising 5 stars from me. Surprising, because i usually don't like abrupt endings. But this is the only story i can actually say, i'm glad she did not revisit the relationships in the future.

One particular relationship, deserved it's privacy and tact. I wish them well, but i don't want to know. Read this book and see what you think. And it's sure to do just that: make you think. Knowing certain things in advance would greatly take away from this story. Just read the book. View all 3 comments. Feb 22, Agirlcandream rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favourites.

I almost forgot what a twisty, angst-filled and wonderful book Ashton gave us with After Mrs. I remembered one of the twists because it is so unsettling, completely forgot the others. It was nice to have older characters those of us "of a certain age" could relate to and not just the usual beautiful thirty year old heroines. Fran the movie star worrying about her sagging skin made her very real to the reader.

Fascinating twists and reveals added depth to the usual girl meets girl, falls for girl, misunderstanding happens followed by great makeup sex formula we too often see in lesfic and romance in general.

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Looking forward to reading anything Ashton writes in the future. I bet even her grocery lists have deep hidden secrets!

Jan 08, Nikki rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery-suspense , ebooks , lgbt , reviewed-at-c-spot , dysfunction , botm. This is what I have been looking for in lesfic since I started reading lesfic. This is what I have been wanting to read every time I have been disappointed by so many lackluster romances that flood the market. I felt the same way when I read Fingersmith by Sarah Waters; an almost immediate, desperate need to devour more stories with complicated characters that made me ache with sadness while making me indescribably happy.

If I could I would give it 4. Any issues I This is what I have been looking for in lesfic since I started reading lesfic. Any issues I have with it are greatly outnumbered by it's awesomeness. If you want my full review, it's at C-Spot Reviews View 2 comments. Oct 06, Bethany rated it really liked it. Feb 15, Joc rated it it was amazing Shelves: celebrity , explicit-content , lesbian , romance , drama , sex-industry-worker , age-difference , humour.

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I don't think Clare Ashton got the memo about the formula for romance novels. After Mrs Hamilton is complicated with the emphasis spread over four main characters whose stories are constantly alternating from foreground to background. All the other characters are integral to the story rather than just being sounding boards, matchmakers or comedic foils. I loved the darkness and the tangled web the characters found themselves wriggling in. I found myself completely immersed in the Extraordinary. I found myself completely immersed in the story and characters to the point that I was supporting and condoning behaviour that I'm sure I would usually find a little off.

Ashton's characters are never simple and I think it's the complexity that makes the story so powerful. As with all the novels I've read by Ashton, this is beautifully written. Even in amongst all the pain and delving into the taboo there was still a moment I was laughing out loud.

After Mrs Hamilton by Clare Ashton

Not everyone will like this and if it's light and fluffy with neatly tied bows that you're after, this is not it. View all 8 comments. Mar 23, Megha rated it it was amazing. Absolutely loved it This is not a light read. Its so intense and an emotional rollercoaster. It made me exhilarated, sad, desperate and happy. This story is like a web, secrets.. Writing is just fantastic. Clare Ashton did magic. I just loved it. And Thank you so much Bugs for suggesting this. Jan 07, Penny rated it it was amazing. There's not enough adjectives to describe this book.

Especially bittersweet? Besides, there's already a whole lot of great reviews on this page. View all 10 comments.

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May 19, Just a man's point of view rated it it was amazing Shelves: 6-stars-excellence , second-chances , lesbian , favorites , romance , hardships , age-difference. Achingly beautiful. I was nailed, riveted in reading. I felt as I need to embrace the characters to protect them from all that suffering.

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Expecially Clo. Not only her, but expecially her, so sweet, so frail and yet so disperately wanting to live again.


I saw what was coming.