Animal Mothers And Babies (Rhyming Childrens Picture Book)

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Ducks lost at sea have adventures and are counted Christelow, E. Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Five naughty monkeys suffer the consequences of jumping on their bed in this repetitive rhyme.

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Edwards, P. Warthogs in the Kitchen. Warthogs count to ten and they make a mess baking cupcakes. Falwell, C. Feast for Ten. Houghton Mifflin. Henry Holt. Brightly colored animals are featured as the reader counts from , then by 10s from Hudson, C. Marsh, T. Way Out in the Desert.

Northland Publishing. Metzger, S. Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea. Milich, Z. City 1 2 3. Kids Can Press. Photos of familiar city objects with numerals, dots, and numbers in word form, Miller, V. Bartholomew bear and friends count apples in this friendly story. One Nighttime Sea. Sea creatures are counted , then back to 1 again.

Short and sophisticated text. Walsh, E. Mouse Count. Adventurous mice are counted and back again as they escape from a hungry snake. Ward, J.

Over in the Garden. Somewhere in the Ocean. White rabbit dyes his fur in pots of red, yellow, and blue paint.

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Crews, D. Freight Train. A train with different-colored cars runs along a track. A hungry mouse munches his way through a host of colorful foods.

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Fox, M. Where is the Green Sheep? Colors and other concepts are introduced in this rhyming story. Hubbard, P. My Crayons Talk. A little girl uses short rhymes to describe the imaginary actions of her colorful crayons. Classic book with repetitive text introduces vibrant colors and animals. McMillan, B. Growing Colors. This book features photographs of colorful fruits and vegetables.

City Colors. Photos of familiar city objects highlight their colors. Mouse Paint.

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Three white mice play in jars of red, yellow, and blue paint. Whitman, C. Ready for Red. Abbeville Kids. Williams, S.

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I Went Walking. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Predictable, repetitive text features colorful animals a child encounters on a walk. Young, E. Seven Blind Mice. Colors, the days of the week, and counting are introduced in this thoughtful fable. Freymann, S. Arthur A. Amazing pictures of fruit are used to teach these concepts: shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and opposites. Beaton, C.

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Mother Goose Remembers. Barefoot Books. Cousins, L. Crews, N. The Neighborhood Mother Goose. Engelbreit, M. Gliori, D. Langley, J. Rain, Rain Go Away! A Book of Nursery Rhymes.

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Lobel, A. Random House. Long, S. Chronicle Books. Opie, I.