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Succeeding 15 years of transformation between American and French direction; the answers were not clear. However what will it look like and what route would take them there? Learning objectives: The case was written to support two teaching aims; the course can focus on one or both depending on educator and time aims.

It raises problems that can be dealt with through perspectives of organizational behaviour; promotion and general management. Identifying the complex role of ethnic or national cultures in multinational businesses.

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Working with the standardization that is global vs local adaptation tension. Disneyland Resorts could be neither fully standardized nor accommodated. Search Case Solutions Search for:.

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Contact us: Email: order thecasesolutions. This globally televised act of protest was aimed not at Disney but at the US government, which had been demanding that French agricultural subsidies be cut. Still, it focused world attention upon the loveless marriage of Disney and Paris. Then there were the operational errors. Disney thought that Monday would be a light day for visitors and Friday a heavy one and allocated staff accordingly, but the reality was the reverse.

Another unpleasant surprise was the hotel breakfast debacle. Everybody showed up for breakfast.

Disneyland Paris Case Study Analysis

We were trying to serve 2, breakfasts in a seat restaurant at some of the hotels. The lines were horrendous. They wanted bacon and eggs. The crowds were huge. There were major staffing problems too. Disney tried to use the same teamwork model with its staff that had worked so well in America and Japan, but it ran into trouble in France.

One former employee was a year-old medical student from a nearby town who signed up for a weekend job.

https://izplaseatual.cf While Disney succeeded in getting close to 9 million visitors a year through the park gates, in line with its plans, most stayed only a day or two. Few stayed the four to five days that Disney had hoped for. It seems that most Europeans regard theme parks as places for day excursions.

A theme park is just not seen as a destination for an extended vacation. This was a big shock for Disney.

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One puzzled executive noted that many visitors were Americans living in Europe or, stranger still, Japanese on a European vacation! At this point, Euro-Disney changed its strategy. Second, food and fashion offerings changed. Similarly, products in the boutiques were initially toned down for the French market, but since then the range has changed to give it a more definite Disney image. The result was an attendance of Many mistakes have been made in the realization of the Euro Disney entertainment park in France.

They literally transplanted US culture in France without taking into consideration the cultural clash that this might have caused.

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US imposed their culture over the French one, and this was seen as an attack to French traditions and customs, resulting in protests from local residence and farmers. First of all, there was a general misunderstanding of the French culture both under the lifestyle and legal aspects. The top management made wrong assumptions, which led them to take wrong management decisions. In fact, French habits and traditions were not taken in to account.

Moreover, alcoholic drinks were not allowed in the park: contrary French always have a glass of wine during their main meals.

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In addition, also the dress code requirements did not meet the French standards in work environments. And the fact that they were supposed to be always smiling and kind did not reflect the French attitude and the staff was not comfortable with these policies. Furthermore, the top management positions were al given to American, which made the situation even worse because they were incapable to fix the mistakes made from the very start.

Instead, if they had hired French people to manage the park, they would have been able to assess these cultural differences in a more efficient way, avoiding such a cultural clash. Second, it was given for granted that French entertainment culture was as the US one.

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Thus, staff and resources were allocated in the wrong way, because the peek days were not the same as the US Disney Land. This led to a lack of staff in crowded days and a surplus of staff in empty days affecting efficiency and profitability of the park negatively.

Moreover, they assumes French would have gone to the park with their private transportation, thus they built many car parks which were most of the time empty, instead the parking were not big enough for buses, which was the more used transport used to get to the park. Third, recession signs were not taken into consideration and too high expectations were placed in the profitability of this new Euro Disney. Thus, too high revenue expectations were set and the park did not even manage to sell the tickets available also due to the quite high price imposed.