Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release handout (Surgery of the Hand, Wrist and Upper Extremity Book 1)

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Carpal Tunnel Quiz We use our hands everyday for the most mundane but vitally important daily life functions. Content Area Two. Icarus3 wanted to delete the following bullet points from the Non-traumatic part of the Causes section, because "the controversy over whether or not such things cause CTS is covered in more depth in earlier section or article":. I disagree, because the following words do not have any other instances in the entire article: 'power', 'construction', 'bricks', 'typing', 'games' or 'cycling'.

I have reversed Icarus3 's change, but would welcome discussion on how to integrate these points in a better way. From my own point of view, the above points were enlightening when I was first investigating Carpal tunnel syndrome , and I think there's a great benefit in having them listed together. Perhaps it's worthwhile putting some disclaimer againt them to indicate that there is some disagreement between experts, with a reference to the relevant section.

Let's shine some light down the dark hole this article has been hiding in. Please go to the AID page and vote to have this article spotlighted for a thourough cleaning-up! Hi, I was trying to get the RSI article a little bit better, but I found out, that it is probably the same as Carpal tunnel syndrome. Has someone vandalised the current page?

I ask this because I am wondering where the author got the correlation between breasts and CTS.

Hand Treatment

Because the pressure within the carpal tunnel increases if the wrist is held in sustained flexion usual sleep posture or sustained extension, the initial treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome should include a splint that maintains the wrist in a neutral position at night. Clinical improvement with this simple measure adds further support to the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Activities that provoke symptoms may be modified with simple measures such as adjustment of keyboard height and rotation of repetitive job activities. Injection of steroids into the carpal tunnel often decreases the inflammatory response around the flexor tendons and diminishes symptoms.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

To inject the carpal tunnel, a gauge 1. If the palmaris longus is absent, a line along the radial border of the ring finger is drawn to the wrist crease.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Before placing the needle, patients are told they may experience an electric shock sensation in the fingers. If this sensation occurs, the needle may be in the median nerve, and the injection should not be given. The needle is withdrawn and placed a few millimeters ulnar.

When inserting the needle, first the skin is punctured, then a pop is felt as the needle passes through the transverse carpal ligament. A mixture of a short-acting anesthetic and steroid is injected. Transient relief of symptoms after injection suggests a greater likelihood of a favorable result after surgical decompression. An update regarding the Diagnosis of CTS. While Phalen's test, remains as a accurate method.

Shall this to be revised? OR anyone has any comments? See this: Tinel's sign and Phalen's test in carpal tunnel syndrome. Pretty much anyone who bent to the extremes of their flexibility would experience discomfort at the wrist. Physical examination is not a reliable way to diagnose cts. History with confirmator nerve studies are the gold standard.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Roger, MD. Is carpal tunnel syndrome some type of compartmental syndrome? If so, can it be treated using mannitol? After much reading on this, I was wondering if lack of D3 is a common cause. While mannitol might possibly help, I think it's too aggressive of a drug to be used for this purpose.

About D3, I fail to see how Vitamin D3 relates to the swelling and nerve damage in the wrist. But as this article states, B Complex has been shown to be very helpful. In the UK at least, nearly all carpal tunnel syndromes are treated with surgery, so much so that most NHS plastic surgeons spend their time doing operations to correct the problem. Think this needs editing Rebuttal - Surgery is a horrible option for carpal tunny treatment imho. Many studies Google for yourself have shown it's not very effective, and obviously if the patient continues the stressfull task, carpal tunnel will only come back, and the surgery cannot be performed multiple times.

I have known 2 people to have gotten the surgery here in the US and both said it wasn't worth it. The WikiPedia's health articles should not encourage treatments that are viciously unneccesary just because one country still performs such actions. I will admit the US is riddled with inferior treatments ala the whole medicine industry. Considering mulitiple studies have shown surgery to be a poor option and not a single study has shown otherwise, the only proper editing would be along the lines of "While studies have shown surgery to be a poor option because of X, Y and Z, it is still a popular choice for treatment in the UK.

Re-rebuttal Travis, whats up with you? Carpal tunnel release enjoys excellent success and minmal complications and recurrence.

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If symptoms recurr, they are unlikely carpal tunnel. Instead of googling for your friendly merchant selling snake oil, why not look for reliable sources in the juried medical literature like in PUBMED. Not quite sure how to weave this into the article, but the double-crush syndrome needs to be mentioned. The key message is that the primary cause of carpal tunnel syndrome may actually be in the upper back or lower neck. Excercises that relax and strengthen the back muscles can relieve the wrist symptoms in some cases.

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I speak from experience -- a regular regimen of exercises approved by my osteopath prevents my carpal tunnel symptoms from flaring up. I was able to avoid any surgery. No one has made mention oc CT Cream which is available and helps to alleviate the pain —Preceding unsigned comment added by While double crush is a sound clinical entity, it rarely has a true meaningful contribution to CTS. Anyone that sugessts "the primary cause of carpal tunnel syndrome may actually be in the upper back or lower neck" is by definition redefining the problem!

A fair statement is that neck disorders may mimick CTS. This is easily determined however by history, physical exam and nerve studies. I am looking for information on CTS that I can share with my teenage daughter and her coaches. She is 15 years old plays volleyball, is a cheerleader, and throws shot put and discus for her track team.

Everything I have found so far discusses adults and things such as surgery and ergonomics. Unfortunately, we are a military family and do not get consistant treatment - you get whatever doctor is available and they don't put a lot of emphasis on dependents.


Is there information for young athletes and their coaches? She has said that she will give up cheerleading, shot put and discus, but refuses to give up her volleyball. What can I do to help her. First, get here an accurate diagnosis. While possible, CTS is very uncommon in teens. Other sources of hand pain is more common.

Read the AAOS web site for info on cts and other disorders. It is unfortunate that Dr. Michael Brown has used the Wikipedia as an advertising page and in the process produced disinformation reguarding CTS surgical treatement and results. His results are not unlike most surgical treatments, and there are more widely used endoscopic methods out there with similar results. Attempts at correcting his entry are reversed. This lack of integrity of contributors is a weakness of this community forum, when greed and commercialism predominates. So sad. Shame on Dr. With a little research one will find that carpal tunnel surgery is highly ineffective, with a high rate of relapse because the initial diagnosis is often incorrect.

This Wikipedia entry is, unfortunately, very misleading and should be corrected.

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  8. This same issue has crept up in the endoscopic carpal tunnel article. However the idea that carpal tunnel surgery is ineffective is absurd. Twinfejj talk , 6 April UTC.