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Perkins, a local photographer in Madison, took the photographs. In the summer and fall of , Henry and his team of assistants F. King, E. Goff, J. Craig, and F.

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Woll traveled to every county in northern Wisconsin. They observed the abundant crops, forests, livestock, homes, farms and families of interest in northern Wisconsin. Their research, which included many pages of statistics, appeared alongside the photos taken by Perkins.

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Their text bordered at times on hyperbole as they sought to portray a coming Golden Age for agriculture in what had only recently been ancient forests. The majority of the images that Harvey Perkins took on the tour show crops, livestock, fields, clear-cut lands, forests, farmers and their families.

Perkins' attention to detail captured the settlers and the fruits of their labor quite well.

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Many pictures feature men and women standing in their fields to model how well that year's harvest is growing. The images depict crops of every variety, including sorghum, oats, wheat, corn, potatoes, pumpkins, currants and fruit.

Several of the photos displayed agricultural services, like creamery wagons transporting milk or charcoal kilns in full production. Some livestock photos, including Shropsville sheep, cattle and hogs were meant to assure prospective inhabitants that northern Wisconsin was a land of self-sustainability.

History did not confirm the handbook's rosy vision from Starting in the s, agriculture in northern Wisconsin counties began to falter. Soils that had supported trees quickly became depleted by farm crops. Short growing seasons, the agricultural depression of the s, and the nationwide Great Depression in the s combined to undermine the northern farming boom.

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As farms failed, county tax revenues, local government services and basic living standards all fell. Land lost its value, and starting in the s farmland was sold off and trees were replanted. Today northern Wisconsin is better known for its abundant lakes, forests and outdoor recreational opportunities than for its agricultural production.

A practical work, devoted to agriculture and mechanics, fruit-growing and gardening, live-stock, business principles, home life, and showing how to make money, preserve health and secure happiness on the farm. An encyclopedia of useful information and a practical assistant in the management of farm affairs.

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Devoted to agriculture and mechanics, fruit growing and gardening, live-stock, business principles, home life, and showing how to make money and secure health and happiness on the farm. The American farmer; devoted to agriculture, horticulture and rural life.

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Vitalogy, or, Encyclopedia of health and home : adapted for home and family use. How to make a fruit garden; a practical and suggestive manual for the home garden,. How to make a vegetable garden; a practical and suggestive manual for the home garden,.

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