Federal Plain Language Guidelines

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The U. Government has embraced plain language, and government agencies are revising written materials and websites to comply with plain language standards. On June 1, , President Clinton issued an executive memo requiring agencies to write in plain language.

Clear communication strategies

In , an interagency task force, working on behalf of the Office of Management and Budget, called for Federal websites to be written in plain language. Most recently, President Obama signed the Plain Writing Act of , requiring agencies to write in plain language. Plain language online training is available and provides helpful instruction.

MCC responds to requests by eligible States to fund projects that foster economic growth as a means of reducing poverty in the developing world. We also offer free half-day training sessions for federal agencies in the Washington, DC area. Menu plainlanguage. Home Law and requirements Overview Agency programs and contacts Plain writing page template Law and requirements Plain language guidelines Overview Write for your audience Organize the information Choose your words carefully Be concise Keep it conversational Design for reading Follow web standards Test your assumptions Plain language guidelines Examples Overview Before and after Award winners Reports and brochures Handbooks and manuals Letters and notices Regulations Examples Training Overview Introductory classes Videos Online training Train-the-trainer bootcamp Create your own class Tips for starting a plain language program Training Resources Overview Groups and organizations Checklists and handouts Style guides Books Articles Writing and reference tools Content types Humor Quotes Resources About Overview What is plain language?

Why use plain language? History and timeline Get involved About Search Search.

FERC: Open Government Initiatives: Plain Language

Federal plain language guidelines These are the official guidelines for the Plain Writing Act of We developed these guidelines to help you and your agency write clearly, so your users can: Find what they need Understand what they find Use what they find to meet their needs Contents The guidelines are organized into sections, but many of the topics fit within more than one section.

One of the engineering teams knew the O-rings would fail under 32 degrees, but those notes and memos were so poorly communicated, that information never got to the right places. Part 3: Plain language law and tool kit. It states that:. Government websites created for Plain Language: Usability. Part 4: Plain language format tools.

The United States Postal Service made an easy-to-read postcard to inform people of what suspicious mail looks like to avoid further anthrax attacks. Another common useful tool is tables. One agency turned this big and ugly and confusing block of text like this…. Part 5: Plain language word tools. Part 6: Pronouns and Active Voice.

Using pronouns can make language easier.

Focus on clarity and readability

For example, here is a sentence without pronouns:. Part 7: Review and Games. Part 8: Final exam part A. Part 9: Final exam part B. Complex way:. Plain Language way:.

Information in plain English

Hopefully these Plain Language writing techniques can help your audience understand things much better. But with government agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration, small miscommunications can result in huge disasters, and therefore Plain Language is extremely important. Hopefully this helps!

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Federal plain language guidelines

This is my go-to page for tips, tricks and all the info I need at the beginning of my copywriting career :. This mini course helped me understand that I do not need to use fancy or long words to impress or convey my point. I can use short and plain language words to achieve success. This will help me a lot as I begin my copywriting career! Thank you!