Lord Loss (The Demonata, Book 1)

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Cirque du Freak is his first title for children. Gr 7 Up-When sneaky teenaged Grubbs Grady finds himself mysteriously dumped on his aunt's doorstep, he can't help but steal back home to figure out what's going on. Unfortunately, when he arrives, his parents and sister have been horrifically killed in true Shan form: their bodies ripped to shreds by an evil demon named Lord Loss and his vile henchmen.

Grubbs somehow manages to escape the fiends and goes to live with his Uncle Dervish, a peculiar dandy who lives in a creepy country mansion whose secrets may hold the key to the murders. Chock-full of family curses, werewolf lore, and stomach-turning gore, Lord Loss is exactly the kind of horror that "Cirque Du Freak" Little, Brown fans will love. Characterizations may take a backseat to fast pacing, but this first installment in a new series is still guaranteed to gross out anyone aged 12 to Lord of the Shadows 'Stephen King for kids Darren Shan has brought his own brand of vampire mythology into the heads and hearts of thousands of children with his vivid and compelling series The Saga of Darren Shan, about one boy's journey from ordinary lad to vampire prince.

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Once they're hooked, kids tend to rip into the flesh of these books, quickly draining them of their life blood. The covers, with images of ghouls, creeping hands and dripping fangs are terrifying alone. Cirque Du Freak " I loved it. I love the way you manage to juggle the funny with the unpleasant, the affection with the hurt. It's great story-telling. The Vampire's Assistant "The Vampire's Assistant blazes a thrilling, gruesome trail through a fascinating plot. The author of the popular Cirque du Freak books launches another no less gruesome series with this first installment in the Demonata books.

Readers meet teen narrator Grubitsch Grady "Grubbs" in a bad spot-he's in the principal's office, caught smoking cigarettes-but things are about to get far worse. Grubbs seeks revenge against the informant, his sister, Gretelda, by smearing her bath towels with rat guts.

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He feels guilty about this when, just a few pages later, Gretelda, Mom and Dad are killed in appalling fashion by Lord Loss, a "demon master," and his grotesque familiars-Vein and Artery. Grubbs is sole witness to his family's execution and his narrow escape, by means he doesn't quite understand himself, nearly drives him mad.

He goes to live with insensitive Uncle Dervish, who regales his newly orphaned nephew with stories about the "long and bloody history" of the house that Grubbs will now call home. Written mainly in sentence fragments with an excess of exclamation points, the narrative is a mish-mash of occult motifs. Halfway through the story, werewolves make an appearance. The site uses cookies to offer you a better experience.

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This item has been added to your basket View basket Checkout. Your local Waterstones may have stock of this item. View other formats and editions. Synopsis Author. He thinks that he will never again witness such a terrible night of death and darkness. He is wrong. Darren Shan Irish children's author, who wrote his first novel at Visit the Darren Shan author page.

Lord Loss (The Demonata, Book 1)

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Lord Loss: The Demonata, Book 1

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