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Custom Magento Theme - The idea of this company is that you want to paint your house yourself, but you hire our company to bring the right tools and a professional to show you how to do it the right way. Grayscale - Free Magento 1. Magento Theme Design - Easy customized Magento water sports store. This is a very impressive Magento Theme, suitable for a water sports store with everything from wakeboards, water skis, and tubes to lifejackets and accessories.

Glam - Free Magento 1. Very customizable and easy to set up. This clean, elegant new theme comes in grayscale colors. Suitable for electronic gadgets, jewelry and accessories stores. With its minimalistic design, the theme looks stylish. Custom Magento Theme - This wonderful new theme comes in gold and silver colors. Top-level product categories: various types of flowers, plants and gifts.

Enables the following functions and modules: newsletter sign-up, most popular, home page banner, home page products, shopping cart side-bar, customer service block, currency switcher and language switcher. Check live: LocalBlossom. Custom Magento Theme - Extensively customized Magento store selling luxury gifts. The top-level product categories are various types of flowers, plants and gifts.

The home page layout has two columns, a JavaScript-featured product and an image slider that is easy to use and SEO-friendly. Bluescale Free Magento 1.

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Header has a custom quick access and customer service box styled with rounded corners. The home page layout has two columns and JavaScript featured product and image slider. The perfect Magento theme for a kids and baby, toys and games, stationery, home decor or crafts shop. The LightShop theme is a very modern, simple, and fresh theme, with a focus on usability and fast, clean code.

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  6. In just a second, a visitor will have his or her first impressions about the quality of your Website, so be sure to get it right with this visually stunning template. Sport Magento 1. Suitable for sports apparel, sports equipment, fitness, and clothes stores. With its wonderful fresh design, not only does the theme look stunning, but the exclusive widget means it stands out too!

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    It comes with everything you need to get your online store up and running! Magenting users will receive a valuable set of features, including automatic Magento eCommerce installation, automatic Magento template installation and free or paid professional Magento hosting account. Main product categories: high-quality equipment for horses and riders at a lower price. Magento Theme Features Overview: -Friendly, fresh design style -Enables the following functions and modules: most popular, new products, home page banner, home page products, filter by attribute, product review, related products, cross-sells, up-sells.

    New custom Magento commerce template for a body jewelry and tattoo supplies store. The Surfing4Silver Magento theme has a fresh and interesting new home page design. The home page layout has two columns and JavaScript featured product and image slider that is easy to use and SEO friendly.

    Also the home page has a fresh-looking section of highlighted categories.

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    The shop is for women, and they can buy products like you see on www. The Web site focus is fast delivery, quality, customer service, and trust.

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    There is also a strong focus on the newsletter. When a customer signs up, they offer the customer free goods.

    Magento 1.4 Themes Design

    This Magento theme uses left-hand category navigation and is perfect for a lot of different categories. The custom Magento template is beautiful, sleek, and sophisticated—great for selling computers, media, and electronics. The main product and service that the store provides is financing for consumer electronics. The target audience of this store is the U. This custom Magento template has a serious and simple yet modern feel, with a light blue color scheme that is ideal for selling anything from beauty and care products to medicine and fitness items.

    The block headers and dates are uniquely styled; the theme is beautiful with amazing detail. Custom Magento commerce template for a Latin dance lessons store. The main product and service that the store sells is Latin dance lessons Salsa, Bachata, Zumba , dance gear shoes, clothes, accessories , and music. This custom Magento theme is elegant, modern, and simple, with a focus on usability. It is perfect for showcasing design products for the house, from smaller objects to lamps and small pieces of furniture. Potential customers are interior designers and private customers who appreciate design; the target market is average to high end. You want to set up the default package and theme for an entire Magento instance without bypassing the fallback system. Which configuration area you must use? Is the correct answer B? Is it possible to change theme programatically in the controller? You do not need to change controllers for this.

    Just use event observers eg. Search for:. Sergei Guk Author. Send the material to you on your email: Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. What is Magento design fallback? The fallback mechanism looks like this: As you can see from the image there are 3 maximally available steps in the theme hierarchy and error, and fallback mechanism can be described as follows: 1. If not found, a rendering error will occur. What is the purpose of Add Exception button?

    Partner With Us Looking for a partner to grow your business? We are the right company to bring your webstore to success. Tags: Certification Magento. Jump to:. Sep 24, 86 Mary D. Denisa, you do not need to use website-scope in this case.