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Not surprisingly, many sightings were reported in Canada, and many were by observers in Manitoba. Blue Book files have been released to researchers and the Manitoba cases have been extracted. In addition, historical records from newspaper archives, journals and personal diaries have been scoured for reports of unusual aerial objects. The oldest account of an odd object over Manitoba took place in the fall of Between then and now, Ufology Research has collected more than 2, reports of unidentified flying objects over Manitoba.

There are reports noted in newspapers, mailed to civilian investigators and posted to Facebook groups. It should be emphasized that UFOs classified as Unknown or Unexplained do not imply alien visitation. Each case might have an explanation following further investigation. And of those that remain unexplained, they may remain unexplained, but still are not incontrovertible proof of extraterrestrial intervention or some mysterious natural phenomenon.

The Results. A total of 2, Manitoba reports were found in historical records, existing files and modern databases. Of these, most were clustered during the years , , , , and Some of these years correspond with UFO report trends elsewhere in the world, although there are some differences. Breaking down the cases by month, UFO reports peak in Manitoba in July and August, which is what we would expect for a province that has harsh winters.

Most sightings occur when the weather is warm and more witnesses are outside, at cottages, campgrounds or when evening sky observing is comfortable. The prime time for seeing UFOs in Manitoba was between pm and midnight. The average duration of a UFO sighting was about 20 minutes, suggesting that a witness had plenty of time to observe and try and explain the object being observed.

Curiously, in cases where the UFO was Unexplained, the average duration of observation is lower, at only about 17 minutes. The average number of witnesses per sighting is 2. The three witnesses observed the noisy object for about 15 minutes before it gained altitude and was lost to sight. During the course of his work in the Department of National Defense, Smith became convinced that UFOs did represent alien contact, though his view was not shared by his superiors.

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Later in his career, Smith claimed to actually have been in contact with the aliens, who had begun preliminary negotiations for an official landing at a Canadian military base. As strange as his claims were, Smith was a creditable electronics genius.

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According to some reports, when he died, government officials confiscated all of his documents and personal papers from his home. According to the files of Project Second Storey, on July 29, , at about pm. The aerial craft was about 15 degrees above the horizon and was calculated to be about six miles away from the airfield. As the witness watched, the craft seemed to change into a group of smaller, round lights, and then they all disappeared altogether. On August 27, , at about p.

It was thought to be below the cloud ceiling of 5, feet and was judged to be five or six times the apparent size of the Moon. As the observers watched, the object started moving and flew around the field twice, then suddenly zoomed northeast, getting out of sight in only a second. The American presence in Manitoba during the Cold War was quite significant. The th Base at Beausejour Milner Ridge was a major radar facility for monitoring objects flying south towards the United States.

A former duty officer in the radar operations building there said that in the fall of , he detected a strange object moving south over Eastern Manitoba.

It was a strong return, indicative of a solid object such as an aircraft, and about miles northeast of Milner Ridge. He was surprised when the second trace on the radar scope showed it had moved a great distance from the first plot. When he spotted the object again, the equipment suggested that its speed was between 6, and 7, knots — faster than any known aircraft at the time.

The nearest it came to the base was around MacArthur Falls. He reported it to the chief controller, who labeled it a malfunction. One dropped down and appeared to land on a large, flat rock about feet away. Michalak knelt behind a rock outcropping, trying to remain hidden from sight, making a sketch of the object and noting things like waves of warm air radiating from the craft, the smell of sulphur and the whirring of a fast electric motor and a hissing, as if air were being expelled or taken in by the craft.

Brilliant purple light flooded out of slitlike openings in the upper part of the craft, and a door opened in the side of the craft where he could see smaller lights inside. Convinced the craft was an American secret test vehicle, he walked closer to the craft, ending up directly in front of the open doorway. Suddenly, the craft rotated and an exhaust vent of some kind blasted hot gas hit him in the chest, setting his shirt and undershirt on fire.

Michalak immediately felt nauseous and his forehead throbbed from a headache. He decided to return to Winnipeg where he was taken to the Misericordia Hospital. He was tested for radiation contamination, since some radiation was found at the site where Michalak said he had his experience. He did exhibit some very unusual ailments, including reported weight loss, peculiar burn marks on his chest and stomach, charred hair, an odd rash and recurrent dizziness.

He led officials to the site, where the Department of Health and Welfare found such high levels of radiation that they considered cordoning off the area for a short while. Michalak spent a great deal of his own money traveling to the Mayo Clinic, as it was not covered by Medicare. The results of the tests were negative; the physicians could find no explanation for his symptoms, and psychiatrists concluded he was not the type of person who would make up such a bizarre tale.

At about p. She looked out her kitchen window, and saw dirt and loose pieces of paper flying in a large circle around the house. She went outside, and saw her husband who had just returned home and five children staring up into the sky. It was black on its lower surface and made no noise. The object began moving off at an angle, stopped and hovered, then continued towards the southeast. Until this time, the circle of dirt and dust had persisted, but it now died down.

The whirlwind was very strange in that it was confined to the area immediately around their house, and did not affect any other houses on the street. When the object moved away, the dirt fell to the ground in a circle around the house. Going to the children, the woman found they were gradually calming down, all except her daughter, who seemed dazed. The boy explained that the five of them had been playing in the yard when the object first appeared overhead. As they watched, her daughter had risen into the air, apparently under the influence of the object in the sky.

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By the time the other children had come to her aid, she was about three feet off the ground, and her clothes had edge up her body. Her daughter said she did not remember anything from the time she felt the wind to the time she recovered after being dragged back to the ground.

On April 10, , as Bob and Elaine Diemert were walking from their farmhouse to their private airfield in Carman. They were startled to see:. You couldn't miss it. It was right at eye level, and it was just loafing along. It's been nearly a quarter century of living in St.

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Adolphe, Man. Masse has raised his family on the land. His home sits near the eastern end of the property, which is prone to flooding every year. He's not alone in that thinking. Just south of him, at Glenlea Greenhouses, Sue and Rob MacLeod would need serious convincing to leave their home and business. Both are savvy veterans of dealing with destructive floods.


Then there's Morris, about 60 kilometres south of Winnipeg on Highway 75, with an economy that relies heavily on surrounding communities and traffic on the busy highway that runs from Manitoba's capital to the U. Morris is often left in isolation when a major flood hits. The town is surrounded by a ring dike, which protects businesses and homes, but water levels can get to a point where access points from the south, north and west are cut off.

Newly elected Mayor Scott Crick is watching this year's flood forecast closely, as southern Manitoba faces the threat of being submerged again. Flood forecasters are warning of flooding levels on par with along the Red River, with the possibility of a flood reaching levels. That could mean another difficult spring for the MacLeods, Masse and Crick — all of whom have seen what a rising river can do. Adolphe, just south of Winnipeg's perimeter, where co-owner Clint Masse is overseeing a film crew shooting a movie on his property.

As the cameras roll, all Masse can do is prepare for the aftermath of the melt and the flow of water from the south — something he knows all too well from past floods. I remember taking boats across open water, and the army was there with helicopters watching for anyone because it was kind of a closed zone," said Masse. And then when the helicopter would turn the other way, we'd go to the next one. Masse and his boss at the grain-cleaning facility where he worked at the time were focused on trying to keep the workplace free of water.

Even the trek to get to work seemed nearly impossible at the time, with Highway 75 submerged. He remembers driving along a road he couldn't even see because of the water covering it. You just hoped that there wasn't a washout underneath there, because you couldn't see it.

The flood of was the first time that Masse understood the stories from the s, when there was another massive flood, and the first time he got to experience the power of Mother Nature. It was a level that we've never seen," he said. The flood was described as a "once in years" flood. The southern Manitoba floods in and didn't reach the level, but were still devastating. Even during flooding, Masse tries to keep his family's spirits high.

As the water covered the highways and traffic came to a halt, the Masse family made southern Manitoba their playground. During the flood, when his kids were little, he recalls making the most of the traffic-free highways. And for the first time ever, we got to play street hockey with the kids," said Masse. There were, of course, more challenges than there was fun.

'These sort of things weigh on the family'

The only way to get around as the water quickly began to rise was with a boat, Masse remembers. They were swimming sometimes, and they were exhausted," he said. It is nautically closer to ports in Northern Europe and Russia than any other port in Canada. It has four deep-sea berths for the loading and unloading of grain, general cargo and tanker vessels.