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The same story, the same comments, swirling in my head as I pretend to pay attention to their anecdotes, nostalgia and brand new funny stories. Just walking at first. Slowly, taking each step in time, trying to settle the chaos in my head.

Feels right. Sat right here by the edge of the headland, before the rocks get dark, craggy and dangerous, near a sunbleached log that casts a moonlight shadow over the beach. I sit, half hiding in the shadows. The voice is such a fucking jerk. So I sit, and I watch the waves.

The hard crash of the waves as they slap onto the sand, over and over again. The waves have been crashing down here for thousands of years, maybe hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe longer, but I guess at one point all this was the low point of an ocean, millions of years ago, when our ancestors first flopped out onto beaches that must have been much further inland, gasping at this brave new world.

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Poor Tristana! Ajax Powerful eagle.