Our Lady of Quito: Queen of Ecuador

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Favors of Our Lady of Quito. Our Mother is she who always begins to give us things, and to love us. There would be no end in recounting all her gifts and favors. The vast majority we will know only in heaven. We are going to listen to some accounts. Postage Stamps of Ecuador printed for the 50th and th anniversaries of the miracle. He assured me that even the auxiliary tanks had been filled.

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With this certainty I began the flight. The motor started to stall. My fear was realized: there was no gasoline! The water was flooding the cabins, and so we had to abandon the plane. I found myself in the depths of the sea, surrounded by sharks and with my companions hanging on me because they did not know how to swim.

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We both were perhaps hoping for the same thing. We swam with all our strength. I clung with anxiety to the corpse. No one can imagine how useful the company of a human being is, even if it be a corpse. It was getting dark. I still kept up my morale, but my strength was diminishing. The sharks were hounding ahead threatening the corpse.

I swam desperately; I was getting weak. And in the midst of the confusion I besought her; I begged God that He would not let me perish if I could still serve Him. I thought of my mother, of my brothers, and I turned to that which gives strength to a man: the faith.

The year-old Marian apparition that is particularly relevant today – Catholic World Report

The undercurrent was pulling me, and after six hours of efforts, I did not succeed to get to the shore. One gigantic wave that carried me on its crest was going to break upon it.

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I felt that my feet were touching something; it was a rock. I grabbed on to it and left the water. My body exhausted, mangled, scorched, I did not resist any more: I fell down dismayed.

A splash of water restored me to my senses, and I despaired. I could do no more. For a moment I was overcome by desperation. I reacted. I looked around and saw a fisherman. I wanted to shout, but my voice would not come out. The fisherman being suspicious was looking at me like a monster or a lunatic: naked, staggering, and desperate. Finally he came near.

The Story of Our Lady of Good Success

Another fisherman appeared. I was saved, thanks to the Sorrowful Mother of the College. He had studied in the College of St. Gabriel for his high school studies and was president of the Republic of Ecuador from There is no room for doubt that, like a good sermon, it makes an impression upon the faithful, it helps them to be better, and to go to God.

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To give the keys of the city as a symbol of respect and admiration to the Queen of Heaven. To recommend to all the Christian people, and particularly to the youth, devotion and love to the Sorrowful Mother of the College. To be officially present as a group at the solemn act of her reception.

The horse was startled and bolted out of control, dragging along the body of the unfortunate young woman, amidst the screams of terror that the onlookers were making. One of them, Dr. She has saved me. She had no wounds, not even on her face or her head.

In a boy, Oswald Romero, was run over by the main part of a wagon full of rocks. When falling he remembered the Mother of Sorrows. That day, after fainting and vomiting blood, he stayed asleep and afterwards was healed without medicine. He later became a priest in the United States. Even the Protestants themselves placed an image of the Sorrowful Mother in their houses and churches. Soldiers, marines and airmen carried with them small pictures so as to feel her maternal protection.

Deeds such as the ones we transcribe below repeat themselves at each step. I was crossing our lines in my car in full battle. I had to travel some two miles on the open highway. A car in these circumstances is an easy target for the enemy air force. Indeed, soon after, out of some low clouds four aircraft emerged that immediately began to pursue me.

Nevertheless, as soon as they left the dining hall, immediately the news spread throughout the house. Some priests did not refrain from coming to the dining hall, but nothing extraor- dinary happened. The picture of the Sorrowful Virgin, with her heart transpierced, had the same eyes as always. The phenomenon had ceased, or had it really? Of course, before proving all this, you would need to investigate.

By interrogat- ing the witnesses — you will say — , by examin- ing their credibility, the possibility of fraud, a collective suggestion, an optical illusion Well, the ecclesiastical authority did this, and with all the rigor of the "devil's advocate. They would take a thor- ough declaration from each one of the forty witnesses, and under oath.

Considering whom they were dealing with and about what they were dealing with, were the forty witnesses going to be in agreement about swearing false- ly? As a matter of fact, at the same time, he named the theologians and the scientists who would con- duct the investigation. They were strict merit- ing later the praises of the Sacred Congregation , but not too slow: they took one month.

The Vicar Capitular, accompanied by the Secretary of the Chancellery and of the Senior Notary, reunited the forty witnesses and commanded that each one, without communi- cating with the rest of the others, write what it was that he saw, in such a way that he would be able to confirm it under oath. On the first of May a canon was commissioned as instructor Judge, assisted by the Senior Notary, and on the 5th of May they appeared in person, for: 1 the examination of the written statements, 2 their ratification under oath, 3 to propose to the witnesses a series of questions: if during those days they had heard something about that matter, if there was sufficient light, if at the beginning they were afraid and later at peace, 13 and what effect had been produced in him and his conduct.

Concerning these statements, all agreed on the reality of the phenomenon, and it seems that at the beginning they were trying not to admit it. Someone went up to the picture, another went up to the partition to see it more closely. There was enough light the room was illuminated by four light bulbs producing 16 foot-candles each and the exclamations in uni- son: "now she opens, now she closes," lasting for more that a quarter of an hour, leave no room for doubts. All also con- firmed that the movement of the eyes was always full of majesty, and when opening them her gaze remained steadfast.

Once the event had been proved, the com- mission of scientists, after having sworn to work truthfully and diligently, reconstructed the scene in the same place, at the same hour, with the same circumstances, and examined the picture Moreover the movement 14 of the eyes occurred many times in each instance, as proven by the fact that everyone present observed it at the same time; and its size is such that at the distance of the onlook- ers a movement of the eyehds could be per- ceived with no room for doubt; nor could it be an optical illusion because it was seen simulta- neously by all Yes, the mental health of the forty eye- witnesses, which is what the medical commis- sion carried out.

The examinations were lengthy, the result of which was, in brief: that they all possessed good health without any nervous illness or predisposition towards such phenomena, but it was just the opposite, as far as excluding any influence, no one tried to influence anyone, nor was it admissible that the youngest boys in particular were able to trick all the rest. The only one who would have had the power to do this, by his authority, was the one most hesitant to believe and he even took the students away from there.