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Skip to content. Page Content. Principle 1: High expectations for every student promote intellectual engagement and self-awareness Action 1. Action 2. Action 3.

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What are the Seven Principles?

Action 9. Practice Principles for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Practice Principles for Excellence in Teaching and Learning pdf 1. Improve your teaching. Application assistance may be obtained by email or phone by contacting Emily Morrison. Please attend to the following procedures in the order outlined by the specified times. Some steps have time requirements.

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Carefully examine the program description and the graduate catalog course descriptions to determine what courses will most benefit you. Be attentive to course prerequisites. If you have questions, contact the department in which the course s originate to discuss the suitability of the course s for your program. Complete a program outline official form attached to program guideline.

You may include no more than nine hours of coursework that you completed prior to the date of being accepted into the program.

5 Highly Effective Teaching Practices

You must include a minimum of fifteen hours of level or above coursework. If it becomes necessary for you to change any of your courses, send a clearly written note to your advisor which includes the following in the order listed:. A separate form for graduation may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar and returned to that office approximately six months before your intended graduation date.