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Virtualization and the cloud.

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Testing and troubleshooting. Business continuity and disaster recovery. The apparent way to differentiate these two CompTIA certifications is the targeted audience. Traditionally non-technical professions will gain from the high-level, business-like introduction of Cloud Essentials. Cloud Essentials was intended for business people who require to understand the legal and business associations of cloud technology without tremendous hard work.

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It enables anyone in an organization to study the cloud so that they can make versed decisions. These people might incorporate those in sales, marketing, management, and particularly IT. Even those IT professionals that have been working with cloud technologies for years might avail from this certification, as they might not be proficient on the business associations of these technologies. There are no requirements for the Cloud Essentials certification. Once you earn your Cloud Essentials certification, you have it for life.

You may ultimately want to add to that certification, but the certification will be on your resume whether you make on it or not. Live Testimonials. Skip to main content Skip to search. Login links. Primary menu. Secondary menu.

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The Cloud Essentials Certification focuses on: Business advantage of the cloud, security, including scalability, and the complete influence of the cloud on business productivity. Steps to utilizing cloud-based services: Cloud computing and ITIL for running cloud service operation, planning service procedures, and the constant development of service with the cloud. Legal, technical, organizational, and financial prospects and outcomes connected with the cloud.

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Network Security Expert. Foundational Professional Speciality Mastery. Intel Security Product Specialist. Firewall 7.

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Network Security. You will: Identify the fundamental components of information security. Analyze risk. Identify various threats to information security. Conduct security assessments to detect vulnerabilities. Implement security for hosts and software.

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Implement security for networks. Manage identity and access. Implement cryptographic solutions in the organization.

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