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It reaches the impasse between theism and atheism where many Another excellent book from McGrath, considering the quest for meaning. Science, he contends, is unable to answer the big questions, however it does point towards the transcendent. Far from being Alister E. We live in an age when the growth of the Internet has made it easier than ever to gain access to information and accumulate knowledge. But information is not the same as meaning, nor is knowledge identical with wisdom.

Many people feel engulfed by a tsunami of facts in which they can find no meaning. New Edition with To ask other readers questions about Surprised by Meaning , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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Sort order. Aug 06, Tom LA rated it really liked it. This is a series of essays by the brilliant author of "The Dawkins delusion". The main topic is our unending search for meaning, and the author's own discoveries along his path of conversion to christianity.

McGrath went to Oxford with Richard Dawkins, and he does spend some time in this book showing how shallow, childish and ridiculously incorrect the New Atheists' philosophy is. Contrary to the hyper-aggressive style adopted by the New Atheists and their legions of internet trolls or "keyboar This is a series of essays by the brilliant author of "The Dawkins delusion". Contrary to the hyper-aggressive style adopted by the New Atheists and their legions of internet trolls or "keyboard bad-asses" it does that in an elegant and succint way.

This is now regarded as quite unacceptable by historians of science, chiefly because it is so difficult to reconcile with the facts of history. My conversion was an act of free-thinking. I believed that I had found the best way of making sense of things. And that remains my view today. It seems an attractive theory but again it seems to fall into the massive cauldron of the quarreling between religious and non-religious. That debate somehow doesn't resonate much with me, especially because I find it beyond useless, to the point of being counterproductive.

As Joseph Ratzinger once said, God is chiefly about being able to live well with ourselves and with each other, and, in my opinion, not about winning theoretical arguments. Nov 25, Judy rated it really liked it. Famous for his response to the New Atheists Richard Dawkins, et.

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He sees no conflict between science and religion. Science is a necessary and ongoing exploration of the universe we live in, a work in progress. Only religion brings meaning and purpose into our lives as we try interpret how the world works. For McGrath, Christianity provides the framework for both.

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Excellent, but his writing style is a bit muddy. Mar 26, Harmony Zimmerman rated it it was ok. It reminded me a lot of a science textbook and I didn't like that. Nov 02, Paul Bruggink rated it really liked it. This book is based on material originally presented in a number of lectures given by Alister McGrath in and Some of the material in this book appeared previously in chapters 7 and 11 of McGrath's book "The Passionate Intellect: Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the Mind". McGrath describes this short and very readable book as an exploration of "the deep human desire.

McGrath points out that the conclusion that we are here by accident is not demanded by evolutionary biology itself, but by adding an aggressive and dogmatic atheism to biology. While recognizing that there is more to Christianity than trying to make sense of things, McGrath a former atheist argues that Christianity involves believing that certain things are true and that Christianity provides a framework which makes more sense of the world than does atheism.

Throughout the book McGrath supports his points with excellent illustrations and a relevant selection of quotations from philosophers and others.

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The book includes 11 pages of Notes and an 8-page Index. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a brief and well written description of the impact of science on Christianity and a critique of the New Atheism. May 24, Chuck Bonadies rated it really liked it. An outstanding book on the relationship between science and religion. Here's a great line from the book: "The intellectual vitality of the natural sciences lies in their being able to say something without having to say everything.

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Apr 18, Robert Morschel rated it it was amazing. McGrath is rapidly becoming one of my favourite contemporary Christian authors, offering in this excellent book a series of well reasoned apologetics to the rants of the so called New Atheism. Jun 20, Nelson rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-and-religion , religion-practice. Love me some A-Mac.

Reads like a novel, echoes with my soul. Uma leitura muito gostosa, vale a pena. Boa leitura! Apr 17, Ann Michael rated it it was ok. McGrath is not a compelling enough writer to be convincing to me.

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Not that I didn't learn things from this book, but I guess I am not the audience he's aiming for. If I'm going to read a Christian apologist, I'd prefer one who is a fluid and imaginative writer Wiman, Lewis, etc. Jun 25, Kristine Johnson rated it really liked it.

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Good book. Quick read. I was given this book as a gift from a dear friend with a deeply spiritual soul. As a writer it seems to me that we are seeking to make sense of the absurd dichotemy between what we can reasonably discern and harsh, cruel reality as it so often exists. Essentially, we can undertake two options: 1 try to make sense of our existential condition by the use of our reason and science 2 find a lens that takes us beyond our reason.

Atheists seem to prefer Option 1 and denounce as intellectually disho I was given this book as a gift from a dear friend with a deeply spiritual soul. Atheists seem to prefer Option 1 and denounce as intellectually dishonest Option 2. My personal preference is to follow Option 1 until life makes no sense and then to kick into Option 2 through the use of faith. Having once been an atheist as a younger man, I commonly found it maddening that reason was so limited in the face of life's great mysteries. Isn't it reasonable to assume that as one human being in a vast universe millions of light years in its range that one's reason cannot possibly understand everything.

In other words it is the mark of a highly reasonable human being to understand the limits of one's reason. So what does one do about what lies beyond reason? Surely, faith is a reasonable approach to transcend reason when reason hits the wall. Faith is more robust and takes one further than reason when reason reaches its limits. Science and reason alone have never brought me personal meaning. Science can explain the facts of existence but it, too, has a blind faith in itself as a panacea.