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Screen: uses a screen operation. Max: uses the lighter. Knowing she had a long time to wait until her father would be ready to go hunting, she decided to go for a stroll around town.

As she opened the door a gush of warm air rushed up to meet her despite the early ho She stood still for a minute, soaking up the heat of the midsummer sun, and when she opened her eyes an old, weatherworn gypsy lady was standing in front of her. Anna jumped back, startled. Anna declined politely and the lady griped her arm with surprising strength.

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Anna decided to shake it off, nothing good could come out of knowing the future anyway, certainly not if it was as dark as the gypsy had predicted. Besides, her birthday was nearing, she would be sixteen at last, and maybe with the few gold pieces her parents were sure to give her she could buy herself something nice. There was a small fish bait shop for the fishermen of Orderon, an expensive tailor for the richer amongst the townspeople and a small alehouse to name but a few.

There was a large market place just at the end of the street where most of the essentials could be bought; meat, vegetables, bread, wine. There were all sorts of things to buy for all sorts of beings, ranging from the useful to the downright bizarre.

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When Anna was a child, the town was split into different neighbourhoods; there were the humans, the dwarfs and the elves, plus a few other beings that would come and go. Each neighbourhood was ran by its own individual council and the town was very much divided. But nowadays, the town had only one council, where each culture was represented and the different species mixed and blended together. Some of the humans were resentful of this, in their minds it was their village that had been overrun by outsiders, but Anna loved it.

She carried on through the market, small cottages lined the side streets and some even had small gardens full of vividly coloured flowers and buzzing with insects. A large river ran by the town and provided a good source of water. Sometimes when it was hot enough, the townspeople would go and bathe in the cool, refreshing water. She was roaming around admiring the beauty of the town, wandering in and out of the numerous shops looking for nothing in particular, when she noticed a bow with a quiver and a set of arrows in one of the shop windows. The bow was more beautiful then any she had ever seen and certainly far more elegant than the heavy, clumsy bow that her father lent her to hunt with.

She wandered into the shop to get a closer look. She turned to see a young man not much older that herself standing behind her. He was tall and slim, but she imagined that his build was deceptive as he seemed strong despite his fragile frame. He had long, dark hair and piercing green eyes and there was something very refined in the way he held himself. She studied his handsome face as he in turn seemed to be studying hers. She blushed, thinking that he must find her pretty, then suddenly realised that he was just waiting for her to answer.

She replied quickly, her words coming out too fast. The young man smiled sheepishly and thanked Anna for her kind words. He brushed away the long dark hair that had fallen in front of his eyes and as he tucked it behind his ears, Anna realised why she had found him so attractive, his ears were pointed, he was an elf.

Her heart skipped a beat, Torgan had always warned her against elves, claiming that they played games with your mind, that they laughed at the whole human race behind their backs. He would be furious if he found out that she had spoken with one. Anna quickly muttered some feeble excuse, something about being late to meet someone, and rushed out of the shop, not even turning around when the elf cried after her.

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Now available on Amazon. You can buy your copy from my CreateSpace eStore :. The Circle of the Sapphire is officially released, for an extra special sneak peek, follow the link :. The rain was hammering down hard and along with the wind it had turned the previously calm stream into a dangerous and turbulent river. Torgan struggled with all his strength to row back to the bank. He had been fishing and had failed to notice the thunderous rain clouds inching their way towards his village.

With each stoke the boat seemed to