The Land of the Titans (Tales of a time before Book 1)

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From afar, it possesses a serene beauty that dominates the landscape. Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy Way Greek epic C4th A. Ovid, Metamorphoses 2.

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Melville Roman epic C1st B. Ovid, Metamorphoses 6.

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Ovid, Metamorphoses 9. Virgil, Aeneid 8. Day-Lewis Roman epic C1st B.

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Atlas who props the starry sky. Propertius, Elegies 3. Goold Roman elegy C1st B. Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica 2. Mozley Roman epic C1st A. Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica 5. Statius, Thebaid 1. Statius, Thebaid 8. Nonnus, Dionysiaca 2.

Rouse Greek epic C5th A. Drag down to earth the heavenly pillar, let Atlas be shaken and flee away, let him throw down the starry vault of Olympos and fear no more its circling course--for I will not permit a son of Earth to be bowed down with chafed shoulders, while he underprops the revolving compulsion of the sky! No, let him leave his endless burden to the other gods, and battle against the Blessed Ones! Let him break off rocks, and volley with those hard shots the starry vault which he once carried! Kronion Cronion [Zeus] also shall lift the spinning heavens of Atlas, and bear the load on weary shoulders.

Nonnus, Dionysiaca 3. Nonnus, Dionysiaca Her mother's father the stooping Libyan Atlas [Harmonia's stepmother was Elektra Electra daughter of Atlas] awoke a tune of the heavenly harp to join the revels, and with tripping foot he twirled the heavens round like a ball, while he sang a stave of harmony himself not far away.

Suidas s. Atlas trans. Herakles Heracles sought the assistance of Atlas in his quest to recover the Apples of the Hesperides. He slew the Drakon which tormented the Titan and took upon himself the weight of the heavens, while Atlas recovered the apples for him. Subsequently Herakles tricked the Titan into retaking the heavens upon his shoulders, or erected the Pillars of Heaven to permanently relieve Atlas of his burden. Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 2. Ge Gaia, Earth had given them to Zeus when he married Hera. So when Herakles reached Atlas among the Hyperboreans, he remembered Prometheus' advise and took over the sphere.

Atlas picked three apples from the garden of the Hesperides, then returned to Herakles. Not wanting to hold up the sphere, he told Herakles that he should carry the applies back to Eurystheus, and that Herakles could hold up the sky in his place. Herakles agreed, but by a trick gave the sphere back to Atlas. On the advise of Prometheus he asked Atlas to take the sky while he put a cushion on his head.

Hearing this, Atlas set the apples down on the ground, and relieved Herakles of the sphere.

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Thus Herakles picked them up and left. Some say, however, that he did not take the apples from Atlas, but killed the Drakon Dragon that guarded them, and picked them himself. Returning with the apples he gave them to Eurystheus who made a present of them to Herakles. But Athene Athena retrieved them from him and took them back, for it was not permitted by diving law to locate them anywhere else.

Atlas: The Titan God of Endurance, Strength And Astronomy - (Greek Mythology Explained)

Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4. Rieu Greek epic C3rd B.

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Pausanias, Description of Greece 5. Jones Greek travelogue C2nd A. Of these screens.

The Wars between the Titans and Olympians

Among them is Atlas, supporting heaven and earth, by whose side stands Herakles Heracles ready to receive the load of Atlas, along with Theseus; Perithoos Pirithous , Hellas, and Salamis carrying in her hand the ornament made for the top of a ship's bows. For among the stories told about Herakles is one that he killed the eagle which tormented Prometheus in the Kaukasos Caucasus , and set free Prometheus himself from his chains.

Last in the picture come. A man holding a sword is coming towards Atlas. This everybody can see is Herakles, though he is not mentioned especially in the inscription, which readsHere is Atlas holding heaven, but he will let go the apples. Pausanias, Description of Greece 6.