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But the problem is that these islands are founded on coral which is porous; saving these islands will cost a fortune. For the children, the floods are fun.

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However, for them to lead their lives on these islands will require massive international support. But with a population of just 11, people, will the outside world think it is worthwhile? Most Popular Now 56, people are reading stories on the site right now. Low graphics Accessibility help. News services Your news when you want it. News Front Page. E-mail this to a friend Printable version. The King Tide hits the islands of Tuvalu. Factors behind sea level rise. Coral link to floods.

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Animated guide: Find out how the greenhouse effect works and more Pause in Arctic's melting trend. Four degrees of warming 'likely'. UK 'must plan' for warmer future. UN climate talks split on treaty. Downturn is 'climate opportunity'. Low carbon way 'to reshape lives'. Billions face climate change risk. US bill 'crucial' for climate talks.

Cash for developing world. Surviving Kyoto's 'do or die' summit. A brief history of climate change. State of the planet, in graphics.

The evidence. Richard Black's Earth Watch. Night-sky image is biggest ever. Phantom Eye 'spy plane' unveiled.

Select the mission itself and let matchmaker find a match for you. In the first map that you get try to trigger the achievement there. Enjoy your new gun! Upvote for visibility so others can be a little less frustrated and unlock the new gun as well. I'm trying to get the heal people for points with a medic crate, can i fix my team mates so they use it more? Yeah, the fortification destruction one is really easy too. You can destroy the ones that you build for credit.

I just went to a point with some fortifications next to an ammo crate to refill my dynamite and blew up the same section of wall a few times. Originally I were looking for a place to build barbed wire at the first capture point I got to, but there were none so I picked the fire instead. Try to start the match via the Tides of War click the assignment you want to do and then use the play button that appears. It was the only way I could do them. I tried this but apparently my team mates forgot about the supply stations and no one even touched it.

Damn that sucks, I feel like this assignment would have been better in the beta days when attrition was much more extreme. I feel like half the team doesn't even survive to use their medic pouch, let alone need another one. I rarely use the crates myself, but people do seem to use the ammo one more because it adds gadget refills.

Maybe DICE could nerf the medic pouch so that the thrown ones only refill your health but not resupply your on hand pouch? It needs a HUD icon. The people that need it aren't stopping mid firefight to hunt for a box or check their mini map. The crate makes you a medic that can't heal during a fight.


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Do it with your friends. Ask in chat for another medic who is doing it, equip the crate and incendiary grenades, meet at your base where there is an ammo supply point and burn yourself, use their crate, repeat until you're both done. Don't play the silly game of trying to do this the correct way or you'll be there all day! Have a squadmate jump on and off static fire placements like ambient burning tanks and use your crate. Takes 2 minutes max. I tried it about 20 minutes ago and got nothing, I tried it this way and it worked first shot.

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So maybe it was the timing but either way I noticed that sometimes the tides of war will reset back to heal yourself 10 times, when that happens for me nothing I do counts towards any of the other objectives. Its not til I back out of the current match that it fixes itself. Hopefully it's fixed by this evening, I spent a couple hours last night trying to complete that challenge.

Stationary AA, nope - default stationary gun on a map, nope - buildable stationary gun, nope - towable stationary gun, nope - mounted machine gun in a vehicle, nope. What a fucking waste of my time that was. Did exactly this.

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Restarted, joined over matchmaking. Killed one As far as completing the objectives, how do you do them? Is it restricted to a certain game mode? I just joined a random conquest match and managed to kill a sniper with an anti air gun, the achievement popped instantly. Apparently some said that it was just disabled for the first day because they were'nt ready to actually unlock the gun until some hours ago or something. I doubt this is true, because if it were, DICE would have mentioned it instead of keeping the users in the dark and adding fuel to the PR shit storm they are having right now.

Multiple different matches trying to restart the console restart the game different routes of playing.

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Using the tides of War tab to find a game and just straight going to the conquest tab but doesn't matter what I do it's still not working and I cannot complete the challenge of killing one enemy with a stationary weapon. I still cant get it. Loaded up arras from the Tides of War tab.

Built the MG on E. Killed 4 people and it still has not unlocked. I got mine on Fjell with one of the AA guns on the north side of the map. Also I found that when you immediately start doing things right when the main menu pops up, it causes thing to not load right. So when you try it again, make sure you power down completely and let the load screen chill for a minute and then go straight into tide and select the mission. I have no idea what the deal is with this bug. It finally worked. It looked like it was stuck on heal yourself 10 times even though I did that.

I did it on Hamada and built a mg gun. Gunned down a guy and it popped.