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The Linden family is not unlike the Conways and half the evening's pleasure is in our steadily improving acquaintance with a group of very real and human people; not mere prophet's mouthpieces.

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The play's hero is Mr. Linden, history professor at a struggling, small-town university, a microcosm of our post-war country.

It is a darkening little world, but Mr. Linden, a latter-day Job, refuses to "curse God and die".

'An Inspector Calls': JB Priestley

As his pleasant family reunites for his sixty-fifth birthday we realise that they are all, save the youngest, people who have turned their backs on life. One daughter has become a Roman Catholic, another a joyless feminist; the son has come out of the war a materialist.

The White Flame

Even the wife is sick of the apparently lost cause of liberal education - why, even the professor's pupils admit he won't be missed if he retires. Only his youngest daughter, still with the eyes of youth, can see what the old man sees, the fleeting vision of a world which should still be perfectible.

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But he refuses. Abandoned and superannuated, he can still write a book.

Evans, Bruce J. Other titles. Binocular vision anomalies. Fifth edition.

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Binocular vision disorders. Eye Diseases diagnosis. Eye Diseases therapy.

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